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The Fab Four FAQ
The most frequently asked Beatles questions answered here!

In order to accommodate all of you who have e-mailed me for answers about Beatles questions, I've come up with this Beatles music FAQ. Feel free to keep writing, but chances are your questions are answered here already.

To all the oldies music fans who already visit this site: Please, browse through the FAQ and see if there's anything you think should be added -- I'm going to keep this on the front page as an ever-evolving resource! And to all you new vistors: Welcome! You've just found the starting point to search oldies music on the net!

  • Where can I get the "Let It Be" video/DVD?

    There are quite a few fan copies out there, but the video itself hasn't been commercially available for years, and it hasn't been released on DVD. Yet. The good news is that Apple is planning to release "Let It Be" on DVD before too long. Most reputable Beatle collectors have taken their copies off of the market out of respect for the announcement, but if you have to have a copy NOW, you can try here, or see who's selling it on eBay.

  • How many copies have the Beatles albums sold?

    The Finger has a listing of the official best-selling albums of all time, as verified by Billboard statistics. Most of the Beatles albums are on this chart. (These figures are worldwide.) To keep up on the American sales statistics for Beatles One, visit the Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums Chart. (That little number next to the triangle indicates millions of albums sold.)

  • How can I contact the Beatles themselves?

    Dave Haber's Beatles Contacts Page gives you all known postal addresses for all the Fabs, Yoko, George Martin and all the record companies! (Sorry, there are no known e-mail addresses for the Beatles, and even if there were, I wouldn't give 'em out.)

  • I have a Beatles album/item here; how much is it worth?

    Perry Cox's Official Price Guide to the Beatles is the first and last word on Beatles Price Guides; you can probably find the info you need there. (NOTE: The well-known American and British vinyl albums aren't really worth anything.)

  • I have a Beatles item for sale... can you let everyone know?

    Well, no. Everyone has a Beatles item for sale; they're the most popular recording artists of all time, for crying out loud. However, there ARE good places to reach a lot of potential customers: This site has a bulletin board with a collector's section that you can reach here. (Be sure and post in the "Buy/Sell/Trade" section.) The Usenet newsgroup rec.music.beatles is a great place to reach lots of Beatles fans instantly. The Launch Beatles-Collectors group is one of the finest (and most popular) collectors-only bulletin boards.

  • Where can I find a bootleg of an unreleased Beatles song?

    Sorry, that info is illegal, and so I can't release it. However, The Bootleg Zone can tell you which bootleg release contains which unreleased song.

  • I'm doing a school project. Where can I find the History of The Beatles?
  • For a timeline of Beatle events, try Some Days In Their Lives.

    If you're looking for articles on specific events, a good place to start is Dave Haber's Beatles Reference Library.

    If you're looking for Beatle quotes, get the Fabs' history in their own words at The Beatles Ultimate Experience.

    If you're looking for the stories behind particular songs, see Marcos' Beatles Page.

    For insight on how the Beatles changed music and culture, read The RMB writings of saki.

    For song and album-specific info visit this site's Beatles song pages .
  • I need to find the lyrics to a certain song!

    The Beatles Lyrics Archive is the best of its kind. If you need to know what song certain lyrics are from, use Dave Haber's Beatles Lyrics Machine, a Beatlelyrical search engine! Simply type in what you remember and you'll find the name of the song!

  • Who played what on a certain Beatles song?

    Search The Internet Beatles Recording Index by song... it lists what John, Paul, George and Ringo performed on each track, and also lists the OTHER individual musicians for each song!

  • Which song is on which album?

    My Beatles song pages can answer that for you.

  • Does Michael Jackson own the rights to the Beatles' songs?

    Sort of: Sony Music has some of them now, because Jacko's been borrowing on them. But he did have them all, once, and Cecil Adams explains the whole brouhaha at The Straight Dope.

  • Who's playing the guitar solos on "The End"?

    Paul, George, and John, in that order, ending back on John again. For details, see the rec.music.beatles FAQ.

  • Who covered that Beatles song?

    Ross Clement's Beatles Covers List has them all, and also lists songs by other artists which the Beatles themselves covered.

  • What was the last Beatles song recorded?

    That can be a rather tricky question, but the rec.music.beatles FAQ sorts it out for you.

  • Who wrote which Beatles song?

    Because of the way the publishing deal was set up between John and Paul, "Lennon-McCartney" was credited for a lot of songs that John or Paul actually composed alone. The general rule of thumb is that the Beatle who sang the song is the one who wrote it (except for Ringo, of course). It all gets a bit confusing after a while, but my Beatles song pages list the data for some of the confusing ones.

  • Where can I find Beatles Guitar Tabulature?

    Beatles Central has original tabs for all songs, arranged by album. If you're looking for the old OLGA files, try The Beatles Guitar And Audio Site is a great place to start, searchable by album and song.

  • Does "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" have anything to do with LSD?

    Beatles Myths

  • Not at all. You're thinking of "Tomorrow Never Knows." Little drug humor there. (Scroll down a bit to view this one.)
  • What does "Jai Guru Deva Om" mean?

    Across The Universe

  • This page gives a very detailed explanation.
  • I Want to join a Beatles Fan Club!

    Fan Clubs and Regular Publications

  • The biggest list I've found, including addresses and fees, from Troni's Beatle Page.
  • Is "Ticket To Ride" about a town named Ryde?

    Such a town does exist, on the Isle Of Wight. This page, however, proves that John didn't know about it when he wrote the song.

  • Did Paul die in 1966?

    No. Learn the truth from Paul Is Dead??

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