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Song For The Asking

Simon and Garfunkel reunite!


Song For The Asking

Like many Sixties artists, the duo of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were instrumental in bringing folk to a whole new audience. More so than contemporaries like the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield, however, S&G barely moved in order to fit into their new home - even their most rock-oriented songs (i.e. "Hazy Shade of Winter") were acoustic-based and grounded in the type of florid imagery more often found in coffeehouses than in sock hops. Fact is, their first album (The Sound Of Silence) had already come and gone in 1966 when producer Tom Wilson decided to put a rock rhythm section on the title track. The rest is history, but only slightly rewritten.

Although the duo grew tired of each other as people by 1970, and Paul Simon would go on to even greater commercial and (some say) artistic heights in the Seventies and Eighties, he always spoke well of their partnership, explaining that Art's voice brought an honesty and emotional resonance to his songs that he simply couldn't. And, indeed, the duo has reunited often - recording a track in the studio in 1975 (the hit "My Little Town"), playing a legendary free concert in New York's Central Park in 1981, and coming together once more for last year's Grammy ceremonies (which prompted this new tour). Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, then, that these old friends have decided to become bookends again. But this time out, they're homeward bound to YOUR town.    

Here are a list of the net's best Simon and Garfunkel websites, some of which deal with the upcoming tour. If there's a site that's not listed here, but you think it should be, e-mail me and I'll consider it.     

  • ChartAttack The rumors become official... and is there a possible studio album in the works?
  • SimonandGarfunkel.com From the duo's official site, a list of tour dates as of now. More dates will be added, so check back here often!
  • Ticketmaster Buy tickets for S&G shows right from the website! This link takes you directly to the S&G info.
  • Simon and Garfunkel Simply named, but it's the most thorough S&G website on the net, featuring an extensive bio, single and album discographies, complete lyrics, analysis, song clips and more. 
  • Song for the Asking A nicely designed page with album reviews, "bootleg" info, and tons of guitar tabulature!
  • The Simon and Garfunkel Homepage Quotes, lyrics, rarities, tabs, and MIDI files of the duo.
  • Simon and Garfunkel Lyrics Archive All the lyrics to all the songs, plus downloads, MIDI files, album reviews, and a quiz!
  • Tom and Jerry (Simon and Garfunkel) This unnamed homepage sports the best S&G discography on the net, including their earlier incarnation (hence the name). 
  • Legacy Recordings This official site for the S&G reissues offers several music and video compilations for sale.

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