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70s music - Seventies songs and artists - Oldies
The best 70s music, including information on Seventies pop, rock disco and soul songs, and articles on the artists who made them! From Oldies at About.com.
70s pop music - Seventies AM Gold - Oldies songs and artists
The AM radio gold of the 70s pop scene -- the hits that came over the transistor radio in the Seventies, including info on the artists who made the classic songs!
Other 70s music - Seventies songs and artists - Oldies
Other super sounds of the 70s, including glam, bubblegum, and more!
70s Disco music - Seventies songs and artists - Oldies
The first wave of disco, the dance music that took the pop world by storm in the late 70s and turned a regional black and gay music culture into a suburban ...
70s R&B - Seventies soul songs and artists - Oldies Music - About.com
Seventies R&B, soul, disco, and funk... the best in 70s soul artists and music, including information on the decade's best songs and bands! From Oldies at ...
Top Ten Hits of the 70s - Seventies songs and artists - Oldies music
The Top 10 hits of the 70s, the most influential and biggest singles of the years 1970-1979, compiled by your Oldies guide at About.com.
Oldies Singers and Bands of the 50s, 60s, and 70s - Oldies Music
Biographies and music of pop and rock music singers and bands from the 50s, 60s, 70s, from your Oldies Music Expert at About.com.
The Ickiest Soft-Rock Hits of the '70s - Oldies Music
Ten '70s soft-rock smashes that make you feel very uncomfortable... big lite-rock hits that went too far in their declarations of love. A list of icky Seventies ballads ...
10 Biggest Disco Hits of the '70s - Oldies Music - About.com
Disco music started as an urban phenomenon in the middle of the decade, died off, then (thanks to the movie Saturday Night Fever suddenly exploded into an ...
The Best Rock Instrumentals of the '70s, Part 2 - Oldies Music
A second look at the best rock instrumentals of the '70s, including classics of soul, funk, prog, and jazz! A tribute to the best music without words of rock's first ...
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