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Blues Music History, Reviews, Artist Profiles and Discographies
Learn more about blues music through artist profiles, album reviews, and history behind America's original roots music.
Chicago Blues Style Characteristics and Artists - About.com
Definition of the Chicago blues style, including musical characteristics and important artists performing in the Chicago blues style.
Famous Blues Artists and Styles Profile Directory - About.com
These are the famous blues artists and styles that help define blues music as an important genre of American roots music.
Mississippi Delta Blues Style - Definition - About.com
Perhaps the most influential of the many styles of blues music, Mississippi Delta blues (also called "Delta blues") rose out of the fertile agricultural triangle ...
Best Blues Albums of 2013 (Top List) - About.com
Another year is coming to a close, and 2013 had a bumper crop of worthy blues music for the discriminating fan. It was tough restricting ourselves to just a mere ...
The Roots of the Blues - Definition of the Roots of the Blues
The birth of the blues is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, the music thought to have developed gradually over the course of several decades at the end of ...
Best Blues-Rock Albums of 2013 (Top List) - About.com
It's always a chore to try and separate the "blues" albums released during a year from the "blues-rock" albums, the distinction often a matter of the quantity of ...
Famous Early Blues Musicians - History of Blues - About.com
These are the ten crucial artists that helped define the genre of the blues. Their early recordings and performances served to influence a generation of blues ...
Country Blues Style Characteristics and Artists - About.com
Country blues, which is also known as "folk blues," is a primarily an acoustic guitar-oriented type of blues from which many other styles are derived. It often ...
Blue Color Meanings - How to Use Shades - Desktop Publishing
Blue is calming. A natural color, from the blue of the sky, blue is a universal colour. Dark blue can be conservative or ultra-modern. Discover the symbolism and ...
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