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Soft Rock Music - Oldies Music Songs and Artists
Definition: The music that ruled certain areas of FM in the late Seventies was known as "Soft Rock" not because it had any relation to rock and roll -- it usually ...
Soft rock - Seventies songs and artists - Oldies
The original soft rock sounds of the 70s, the gentle, easygoing adult contemporary hits and the stories of the artists who made them.
The Ickiest Soft-Rock Hits of the '70s - Oldies Music
Ten '70s soft-rock smashes that make you feel very uncomfortable... big lite-rock hits that went too far in their declarations of love. A list of icky Seventies ballads ...
Profile of Late-'70s and Early-'80s Pop Music Genre Soft Rock
The golden age of soft rock came during the mid to late '70s, but the trend extended successfully into the first few years of the '80s, in a period just before the ...
Top Ten Soft Rock Songs of the '80s - 80s Music - About.com
'80s soft rock songs may not be the decade's primary calling card, as the golden age of the form undoubtedly came during the mid to late '70s, when the ...
Top Soft Rock (Adult Contemporary) Eighties Artists - 80s Music
The soft rock and adult contemporary genres had plenty of room to accommodate '80s stars, many of whom saw an opportunity to maximize commercial appeal ...
Rock Identification Tables - Geology - About.com
Identify 43 of the most common rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. ... hard or soft, mixed, mixed sediment with rock grains and clay, gray or dark ...
Profile of '70s & '80s Soft Rock/Arena Rock Band Jefferson Starship
Jefferson Starship began its mid-'70s career as a mellow soft rock band that slowly moved far away from the psychedelic sound of parent group Jefferson ...
The Eagles - History, Songs and Biography - Oldies Music - About.com
The story of The Eagles, the band who brought country-rock into the mainstream while reporting on ... Country-rock, Pop-rock, Classic Rock, Soft-rock, Country.
Air Supply - Profile of '80s Soft Rock Hitmakers Air Supply - 80s Music
This much-maligned Australian soft rock duo was actually quite successful at finding its niche for churning out sweet love ballads to a large and warmly ...
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