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The 20 Greatest R&B Singers of All Time - About.com
Hundreds of R&B and Soul singers have achieved varying forms of success in the music business over the decades, but only a relative few have had lasting ...
R&B Music Definition & Origins - About.com
Rhythm & Blues is a term used to describe the blues-influenced form of music predominantly performed by African-Americans since the late 1930s. The term ...
Urban Gospel and Gospel R&B Artists and Groups - Christian Music ...
Learn more about the history of Urban Gospel music and meet some of the popular Urban ... Urban Gospel Music Video Directory - videos to watch for free!
Sounds of Seduction - Best Sexy R&B Songs
Call them bedroom music, or quiet storm, or mood setters, if you really want to be polite about it. But basically what they are is sex songs, songs about getting a ...
2010 R&B and Soul Music Preview - About.com
Love King will be his last. And although it's easy to be skeptical, he already has a lot of other things on his plate: in August 2009, he was appointed Executive ...
Recommended R&B (Rhythm and Blues) Love Songs - About.com
Almost since the birth of R&B music itself, songs about the joy of love have been a permanent part of Rhythm & Blues. An in honor of the mightiest of emotions, ...
Top 50 R&B/Rap Collaborations - About.com
Although they grew up separately, R&B and its musical cousin, Hip-Hop, have become more and more alike in recent years; contemporary R&B has shifted more ...
Fantasia - Profile of pop and r&b singer Fantasia Barrino - Top 40 Pop
She began singing in church at the age of 5 and developed her passion for music listening to artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Brandy, and Aerosmith.

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