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The 20 Greatest R&B Singers of All Time - R & B/Soul - About.com
Hundreds of R&B and Soul singers have achieved varying forms of success in the music business over the decades, but only a relative few have had lasting ...
R&B Music Definition & Origins - R & B/Soul - About.com
Rhythm & Blues is a term used to describe the blues-influenced form of music predominantly performed by African-Americans since the late 1930s. The term ...
2010 R&B and Soul Music Preview - R & B/Soul - About.com
The follow-up to Keyshia Cole's last album, A Different Me, was at first expected to drop in late 2009/early 2010, but she and her boyfriend, NBA player Daniel ...
R&B Musicians' Stage Names and Birth Names
If you've ever wondered what Prince's real name is (it's Prince), or why Ginuwine doesn't go by his real name (because it's Elgin Lumpkin, that's why), then check ...
Sounds of Seduction - Best Sexy R&B Songs - R & B/Soul - About.com
Call them bedroom music, or quiet storm, or mood setters, if you really want to be polite about it. But basically what they are is sex songs, songs about getting a ...
New R&B/Soul Music: Jan. 2013 - R & B/Soul - About.com
The holiday season is officially over and so is the lull in new R&B and Soul music that occurred at the end of 2012. There aren't a whole lot of new albums ...
Top 50 R&B/Rap Collaborations - R & B/Soul - About.com
Although they grew up separately, R&B and its musical cousin, Hip-Hop, have become more and more alike in recent years; contemporary R&B has shifted more ...
Soul/R&B: r&b song title, arthur conley sweet soul music ... - AllExperts
Mar 18, 2007 ... It s a 1967 song called Sweet Soul music By Arthur Conley. ... Femi - "Sweet Water Soul" · 2010 R&B and Soul Music Preview · Best R&B ...

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