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Buddy Holly FAQ

Got a question about Buddy, the Crickets, the plane crash, the music, or more? This FAQ can help... frequently asked questions about Buddy Holly's life and career, answered by your Oldies Guide here at About.com!

Buddy Holly FAQ -- Double tracking
Was Buddy Holly the first to double-track or "overdub" his vocals?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- Buddy's widow
Who is Buddy's widow, and is she still alive?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- The Crickets After Buddy
What happened to the Crickets after Buddy Holly's death?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- "Peggy Sue"
Was "Peggy Sue" about a real person?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- Rock and Roll bands
Did Buddy Holly "invent" the modern rock and roll band?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- "Everyday"
What are the instruments on "Everyday"?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- Buddy and the Crickets
Why did Buddy Holly release some songs with the Crickets and some by himself?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- American Pie
What does the song "American Pie" have to do with Buddy Holly?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- Plane Crash
How did Buddy Holly die in a plane crash?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- The Buddy Holly Story
Why do some Buddy fans hate the movie "The Buddy Holly Story"?

Buddy Holly FAQ -- Buddy's name
Why is Buddy's real name different from his stage name?

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