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Elvis Presley: From Elvis In Memphis (Legacy Edition) CD Review

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Elvis Presley: From Elvis In Memphis (Legacy Edition)

Elvis Presley: From Elvis In Memphis (Legacy Edition)

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The Bottom Line

If you're an Elvis collector, chances are you've got all these songs -- the entirety of his legendary 1969 sessions with producer Chips Moman in Memphis -- somewhere in your stacks. But you may not have them all in one place, and this remastered version of his classic comeback album gathers everything he recorded into one well-thought-out, lavish package. If you're "just" a fan who loves "Suspicious Minds," "In The Ghetto," or "Kentucky Rain," however, you'll want to order this one right away.
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  • This music represents the absolute apex of Elvis' post-Army period.
  • The remastering and packaging make this a necessity for almost all Elvis fans.
  • The inclusion of mono mixes and bonus tracks will appeal to collectors.


  • The alternate takes and outtakes are missing, but all his completed songs are here.


  • Release date: July 28, 2009
  • Sony Legacy 751497
  • Studio (January 13 - February 22, 1969)
  • 2 discs
  • Remastered

Guide Review - Elvis Presley: From Elvis In Memphis (Legacy Edition) CD Review

"We have some hits, don't we?" said Elvis to producer Chips Moman during the early 1969 sessions that produced the songs featured on this retrospective of sorts. "Some of your biggest," Moman replied simply, and he was right: although the legendary NBC "comeback special" of two months earlier had announced Elvis' return to the mountaintop creatively, he needed a big hit single to back up the hype. He got four.

Originally, the sessions at Chips' American Sound Studio in Elvis' hometown produced an LP entitled From Elvis In Memphis, as well as the aforementioned hits -- "Suspicious Minds," "Don't cry Daddy," "Kentucky Rain," and "In The Ghetto," all but the last of which were not included on the original album. Most of the rest of the lushly orchestrated "country-soul" songs Moman envisioned for the King's return were later released as an album entitled Back In Memphis. And while all of these songs, including the four never released during Elvis' lifetime, have been since issued, the sound quality has been somewhat lacking, and you often had to wander through his entire output, as on the Complete '60s Masters box set, to get everything.

Here at last are all the completed masters from the sessions, with the sound finally up to 21st century standards, also featuring the four never used songs (including a take on "Hey Jude"!), as well as a first-ever CD issue of the five singles from these sessions in their original pristine mono mixes. The partial and alternate takes aren't here this time, but collectors will want the mono mixes anyway -- and anyone who just wants to hear the King with the best production of his career, making his most mature music, and once again forging a seamless blend of country, gospel, and blues, won't miss the extras one bit. Also featuring excellent liner notes from noted Elvis author Robert Gordon!

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