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What other Sixties dances were popular?


Question: What other Sixties dances were popular?
Answer: The Bird, The Fly, The Boogaloo, The Shingaling, The Slide, The Penguin, The Alligator, The Jerk, The Frug, The Birdland, The Bug, The Roach, The Chicken, The Cissy (or Sissy), The Crawl, The Twine, The Popeye, The Roach, Shake A Tail Feather, The Dip, The Skate, The Crossfire, The Walk, The Coffee Grind, The Camel Walk, The Uncle Willie, the 45, the 81, the Bodie Green (a/k/a the Booty Green) and the Freeze. Endless variations of established dances cropped up throughout the Sixties, often renamed due to a new movement (The Funky Chicken) or a combination of dances (The Popcorn Boogaloo), new fads (The Surfer Stomp), and, more often than not, the place of the variations origin (The Philly Dog).

Several old ballroom dances, exotic customs, and retro moves were incorporated into this movement, leading to new and/or different versions of The Hucklebuck, The Cha-Cha, The Turkey Trot, The Hokey Pokey, The Limbo, The Mambo, and the Bossa Nova. (The Continental Walk, however, was not based on the Depression-era dance of the same name.)

It's worth noting that in Jamaica (and later England), whole genres of music were inseparable from the dances that went along with them: the Reggay, the Ska, the Blue Beat.

Finally, while many of the rock dances originated in New York ballrooms, and were modified by Philadephia teens, several dance crazes began in other places, such as Miami (the Hully Gully) and New Orleans (the Popeye).

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