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Elvis Presley Concerts: 1955

Concerts and other on-stage appearances by Elvis in 1955


Here's a handy database of Elvis' shows and concerts in 1955 as well as his other personal appearances. You can also find out what else Elvis was up to in 1955 and in all the years of his life.


1: Eagles Hall, Houston, TX
4: Odessa High School, Odessa, TX
5: City Auditorium, San Angelo, TX
6: Fair Park Coliseum, Lubbock, TX
7: Midland High School, Midland, TX
8: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
11: New Boston High School, New Boston, TX
12: Civic Auditorium, Clarksdale, MS
13: Catholic Club, Helena, AR
14: Futrell High School, Marianna, AR
17: Northeast Mississippi Community College, Booneville, MS
18: Alcorn County Courthouse Assembly Hall, Corinth, MS
19: Sheffield Community Center, Sheffield, AL
20: Leachville High School, Leachville, AR
21: National Guard Armory, Sikeston, MO
22: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
24: Humble Oil Recreation Hall, Hawkins, TX
25: Mayfair Building Fairgrounds, Tyler, TX
26: Rural Electrification Administration Building, Gilmer, TX
27: Reo Palm Isle Club, Longview, TX
28: Gaston High School, Joinerville, TX


4: Golden Cadillac Club, New Orleans, LA
5: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
6: Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, TN
7: Ripley High School, Ripley, MS
10: Alpine High School, Alpine, TX
11: Carlsbad Sports Arena, Carlsbad, NM
12: American Legion Hall, Carlsbad, NM
13: Fair Park Coliseum, Lubbock, TX
13: Cotton Club, Lubbock, TX
14: North Junior High School, Roswell, NM
15: Fair Park Auditorium, Abilene, TX
16: Odessa Senior High School, Odessa, TX
17: City Auditorium, San Angelo, TX
18: West Monroe High School, West Monroe, LA
19: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
20: Robinson Auditorium, Little Rock, AR
21: City Hall, Camden, AR
22: City Hall, Hope, AR
23: Pine Bluff High School, Pine Bluff, AR
24: South Side Elementary School, Bastrop, LA
25: Municipal Auditorium, Texarkana, AR
26: Circle Theatre, Cleveland, OH


2: Newport Armory, Newport, AR
2: Porky's Rooftop Club, Newport, AR
4: DeKalb High School, DeKalb, TX
5: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
7: City Auditorium, Paris, TN
8: Catholic Club, Helena, AR
9: Poplar Bluff Armory, Poplar Bluff, MO
10: Civic Auditorium, Clarksdale, MS
11: Jimmie Thompson Arena, Alexandria, LA
12: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
19: G. Rolle White Coliseum, College Station, TX
19: Eagles Hall, Houston, TX
20: Magnolia Gardens, Houston, TX
20: Cook's Hoedown Club, Houston, TX
21: Parkin High School, Parkin, AR
25: Dermott High School, Dermott, AR
26: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
28: Big Creek High School, Big Creek, MS
29: Tocopola High School, Tocopola, MS
30: High School, El Dorado, AR
31: Reo Palm Isle Club, Longview, TX


1: Ector County Auditorium, Odessa, TX
2: Municipal Auditorium, Houston, TX
7: Corinth County Courthouse, Corinth, MS
8: B&B Club, Glober, MO
9: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
10: Magnolia Gardens, Houston, TX
10: Cook's Hoedown Club, Houston, TX
13: Breckenridge High School, Breckenridge, TX
14: Owl Park, Gainesville, TX
15: Stamford High School, Stamford, TX
15: Roundup Hall, Stamford, TX
16: Sportatorium, Dallas, TX
16: Roundup Club, Dallas, TX
19: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
20: American Legion Hut, Grenada, MS
22: Arkansas Municipal Stadium, Texarkana, AR
23: Heart O' Texas Coliseum, Waco, TX
24: Magnolia Gardens, Houston, TX
24: Cook's Hoedown Club, Houston, TX
25: M-B Corral Club, Wichita Falls, TX
25: Texas High School, Seymour, TX
26: City Auditorium, Big Spring, TX
27: American Legion Hall, Hobbs, NM
29: Cotton Club, Lubbock, TX
30: High School, Gladewater, TX


1: Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
2: Baton Rouge High School, Baton Rouge, LA
4-5: Ladd Stadium, Mobile, AL
7: Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, FL
8: Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory Auditorium, Tampa, FL
9: City Auditorium, Fort Myers, FL
10: Southeastern Pavilion, Ocala, FL
11: Municipal Auditorium, Orlando, FL
12-13: Gator Bowl Baseball Park, Jacksonville, FL
14: Shrine Auditorium, New Bern, NC
15: Norfolk City Auditorium, Norfolk, VA
16: Mosque Theater, Richmond, VA
17: City Auditorium, Asheville, NC
18: American Legion Auditorium, Roanoke, VA
19: Memorial Auditorium, Raleigh, NC
20: KOCA Radio, Kilgore, TX
21: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
22: Magnolia Gardens, Houston, TX
22: Cook's Hoedown Club, Houston, TX
25: American Legion Hall, Meridian, MS
26: Meridian Junior College Stadium, Meridian, MS
28: Sportatorium, Dallas, TX
29: North Side Coliseum, Fort Worth, TX
29: Sportatorium, Dallas, TX
31: High School, Midland, TX


1: Guymon High School, Guymon, OK
3: Johnson Connelley Pontiac, Lubbock, TX
3: Fair Park Coliseum, Lubbock, TX
4: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
5: Hope Fair Park, Hope, AR
8: Municipal Auditorium, Sweetwater, TX
10: American Legion Hall, Breckenridge, TX
11: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
14: Bruce High School, Bruce, MS
15: Belden High School, Belden, MS
17: Roundup Hall, Stamford, TX
18: Sportatorium, Dallas, TX
19: Magnolia Gardens, Houston, TX
19: Cook's Hoedown Club, Houston, TX
20-21: City Auditorium, Beaumont, TX
23: McMahon Memorial Auditorium, Lawton, OK
23: Southern Club, Lawton, OK
24: ?, Altus, OK
25: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA
26: Slavonian Lodge Auditorium, Biloxi, MS
27-28: Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS
29-30: Curtis Gordon's Radio Ranch Club, Mobile, AL

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