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Today in Oldies Music History: August 20


Today in Oldies Music History: August 20
source: blog.0tutor.com

Today In Oldies Music History: August 20



1923: Jim Reeves
1926: Frank Rosolino
1927: Joya Sherrill
1931: Paul Robi (The Platters)
1931: Frank Capp
1934: "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow (The Flying Burrito Brothers)
1935: Justin Tubb
1940: John Lantree (The Honeycombs)
1941: Dave Brock (Hawkwind)
1942: Isaac Hayes
1946: Ralf Hutter (Kraftwerk)
1947: James Pankow (Chicago)
1948: Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
1949: Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)
1952: Rudy Gatlin (The Gatlin Brothers)


1979: Dorsey Burnette


1920: Detroit, MI's 8MK (today known as WWJ 950 AM) goes on the air as America's first radio station, eventually offering the first news broadcast, sports play-by-play, and religious broadcast.
1960: Connie Francis begins filming her first movie, Where The Boys Are, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The first college teen comedy to really explore the sex lives of its characters, it served as the inspiration for countless "spring break" movies, as well as the homage/parody Grease.
1967: Today's New York Times reports on a new method of noise reduction developed by Ray Dolby of Dolby Labs, a modified version of the original "Dolby" process already at use in studios. This one, named "Dolby B," would be for home recording and lead directly to the revolution in blank audio cassette tapes.
1968: Dr. David Lipscomb of the University of Tennessee reports his recent findings that guinea pigs suffered damage to the cells in their cochlea (inner ear) when exposed to 120 decibels of rock music over three months. Lipscomb would later recant his findings after noticing that very few rock musicians seemed to suffer similar damage.
1968: Bobby Darin, still traumatized by the recent assassination of his good friend, Senator Robert Kennedy, sells off his music publishing and production company, TM Music, for one million dollars.
1969: The four members of the Beatles gather in the Abbey Road studios in London for the last time as they complete work on "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and ostensibly finalize the track order and mastering of their last recorded album, Abbey Road. (Three of the Beatles would later be present in the studio to overdub salvaged tracks from the Let It Be sessions.)
1979: Rod Stewart and his first wife, Alana Hamilton, become the proud parents of their first child, Kimberly.
1987: Lindsey Buckingham, who had helped turn Fleetwood Mac into one of the biggest-selling groups of the Seventies, leaves the group after refusing to tour behind its latest album, Tango In The Night.
1987: Alabama dedicates a section of its Interstate 65 highway as the Hank Williams Memorial Lost Highway, a reference to one of his best-known songs. The fifty-mile stretch begins near his hometown of Georgiana and runs north to Montgomery, where he is buried.


1966: The Temptations, "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep"
1973: The Rolling Stones, "Angie"


1939: Orrin Tucker, "Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny, Oh!"
1964: Shirley Bassey, "Goldfinger"
1968: The Beatles: "Yer Blues," "Mother Nature's Son"


1970: Creedence Clearwater Revival's LP Cosmo's Factory hits #1
1977: The Emotions' "Best Of My Love" hits #1


1969: Andy Williams' LP Happy Heart is certified gold

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