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Today in Oldies Music History: February 21


Today In Oldies Music History: February 21



1933: Nina Simone
1938: Bobby Charles
1942: Bob Day (The Allisons)
1943: David Geffen
1945: Paul Newton (Uriah Heep)
1951: Vince Welnick (The Tubes)


1980: Janet Vogel
1982: Murray The K
2004: Les Gray (Mud)


1952: A 17-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis marries his first wife, preacher's daughter Dorothy Barton, in what is rumored to be a shotgun wedding.
1961: For what is almost surely the only time in their stage career, the Beatles play three separate gigs in three venues on one day: a lunchtime show at the Cavern followed by and evening show at Liverpool's Casanova Club and a nighttime gig across town at Litherland Town Hall.
1964: A young pianist named Billy Joel joins his first rock band, a New York outfit called The Echoes which specializes in covering the new "British Invasion" bands.
1966: Elvis begins filming his 22nd movie, Spinout. He also tells a local Los Angeles paper about the gospel album he's currently working on, eventually titled How Great Thou Art.
1970: The Jackson 5 make their television debut on ABC's American Bandstand.
1976: The Four Seasons finally score a UK #1 -- their first and last -- with their latest single, "December '63 (Oh What A Night)."
1977: NBC airs The Neil Diamond Special, a concert taped at the famed Greek theater in Los Angeles. The concert was simultaneously released as the live album Love At The Greek (sic).
1986: Pat Boone is the guest star (as himself) on tonight's "Beach Blanket Bounty" episode of NBC-TV's The Fall Guy.
1987: 26 years after becoming a hit in America, Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" becomes a #1 in the UK, following its release in the movie of the same name.
2001: Johnny Cash, recovering from pneumonia, is judged fit for release from a Nashville hospital so that he can attend this evening's Grammy ceremonies and pick up his statuette for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.
2003: Ringo Starr and Mark Hudson announce a new indie label startup of theirs, named pumkinhead.
2007: The movie studio Dreamworks takes out a full-page ad in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter apologizing for (but not exactly admitting to) similarities between their story, adapted from the stage musical, and the book of the same name by former Supreme Mary Wilson, which was a scathing look at the label and head Berry Gordy's reported behind-the-scenes manipulation of artists. Gordy accepts the apology on behalf of the label, which he no longer owns.
2008: In what is reported as one of eBay's most expensive sales yet, the online auction house brokers a deal between an unnamed US music collector and an unnamed Irish collector for three million albums and singles in various formats, for a grand total of about one dollar per item.
2008: Crystal Gayle is inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.


1964: The Rolling Stones, "Not Fade Away"
1966: The Beatles, "Nowhere Man" b/w "What Goes On"


1967: The Beatles, "Fixing A Hole"
1967: Elvis Presley: "Clambake," "Hey, Hey, Hey"
1969: Elvis Presley, "The Fair's Moving On"




1972: Climax's "Precious And Few" is certified gold

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