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Today in Oldies Music History: January 24



Today In Oldies Music History: January 24



1933: Zeke Carey (The Flamingos)
1934: Ann Cole
1936: Jack Scott
1939: Doug Kershaw
1939: Ray Stevens
1941: Aaron Neville (The Neville Brothers)
1941: Neil Diamond
1947: Warren Zevon
1949: "Joliet" Jake Blues (The Blues Brothers)


1970: James "Shep" Sheppard (Shep and the Limelites)
1986: Gordon MacRae


1957: Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" enters the UK charts at Number One, the first single to ever do so.
1960: Bob Dylan plays his first ever New York gig at Cafe Wha?, imploring the audience afterwards for a place to spend the night.
1962: Danny Peppermint, singer of the original version of "Peppermint Twist," is hospitalized after being electrocuted by live mic during a gig at the Thunderbird in Las Vegas.
1962: The Beatles sign their first and only management contract with Brian Epstein at the manager's offices at 12 Whitechapel St. in Liverpool. Epstein is to receive a full one-quarter of the band's earnings, yet to prove his worth, he does not sign the contract until the following October.
1962: Today, at the very height of the dance craze, four of Billboard's Top Ten albums belong to Chubby Checker: For Twisters Only, Let's Twist Again, Your Twist Party, and Bobby Rydell / Chubby Checker.
1965: Gerry and the Pacemakers' first film, Ferry Cross The Mersey, premieres in the UK at the Liverpool Odeon Theater. It is the first rock musical filmed on location in Liverpool, and the era's only film document of the Merseybeat scene. The hit title track was written specifically for the movie.
1969: Jethro Tull play their first American show, opening for Blood, Sweat and Tears at New York's Fillmore East.
1970: Dr. Robert Moog unveils the "minimoog" synthesizer, one of the first portable synth keyboards, at a price of $2,000. The American Federation of Musicians at first opposes the instrument, fearing its "realistic" settings will put horn and string sections out of work. The minimoog becomes the first synth to go on tour with rock bands.
1979: After 15 years of marriage, Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson divorces his first wife, Honeys lead singer Marilyn Rovell.
1980: Pink Floyd advertise their upcoming four-city world tour to promote their album The Wall with a special billboard on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip that was gradually covered up each day with a brick until an entire wall was built over it.
1982: Diana Ross sings the US National Anthem at Superbowl XVI in Pontiac, MI.
2000: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young open the first tour of the full quartet in 25 years with a show at Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, MI.
2002: In San Antonio, TX, Tex-Mex legend Freddy Fender receives a much-needed kidney transplant from his daughter, Marla Huerta Garcia.
2005: Country-pop singer Lynn Anderson is arrested for stealing a Harry Potter DVD from a supermarket in Taos, NM, and then, allegedly, punching the arresting officer in the stomach.




1936: Benny Goodman, "Stompin' At The Savoy"
1967: Aretha Franklin, "(I Never Loved A Man) The Way That I Love You"
1969: The Beatles: "Two Of Us," "Maggie Mae," "Dig A Pony," "I've Got A Feeling"


1960: Johnny Preston's "Running Bear" hits #1
1976: Diana Ross' "Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)" hits #1
1976: Bob Dylan's LP Desire hits #1


1973: Donny Osmond's LP Too Young is certified gold
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