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Today in Oldies Music History: July 22



Today In Oldies Music History: July 22



1924: Margaret Whiting
1937: Chuck Jackson
1940: George Clinton (Parliament / Funkadelic)
1941: Thomas Wayne
1943: Bobby Sherman
1944: Estelle Bennett (The Ronettes)
1944: Rick Davies (Supertramp)
1947: Don Henley (The Eagles)


1973: Larry Finegan
2002: Marion Montgomery
2005: Eugene Record (Chi-Lites)


1965: Three of the Rolling Stones -- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Bill Wyman -- are found guilty in London's East Ham Magistrates Court of "insulting behavior" for urinating on the wall of a gas station in London when the owner refused to let them use the restroom. They are each fined five pounds.
1967: Vanilla Fudge plays its debut concert in New York City.
1968: Elvis Presley begins filming his twenty-ninth movie, Charro!, on location in Arizona. It is the only Elvis movie where he sports a beard, and the only one in which he does not sing on-camera -- only two songs are recorded for the film, and only the title track, another Mac Davis composition, is used... over the credits only. A "serious" Western, it is nonetheless a critical and commercial failure.
1969: After being arrested for disorderly conduct in a Detroit parking lot, Aretha Franklin posts $50 bail -- and runs over a road sign as she leaves the police station in a fit of anger.
1972: CBS-TV premieres its latest summer variety replacement series, The Bobby Darin Amusement Company.
1977: Still visibly shaken by the recent suicide of his good friend, rising comedian Freddie Prinze, Tony Orlando announces his retirement from show business during a concert in Cohasset, MA. Within a matter of days, he suffers a complete nervous breakdown, for which he is hospitalized in Manhattan.
1979: Reverend Richard Penniman, better known before his conversion as Little Richard, speaks at a revival in North Richmond, CA, telling the congregation that rock and roll is evil and also claiming "If God can save an old homosexual like me, he can save anybody."
1987: Morris Albert is found guilty of plagiarism in New York, with a jury finding that his massive 1975 composition "Feelings" borrowed heavily from a French song from 1956 called "Pour Toi."
1994: Billy Joel and Elton John begin the first of five duet concerts at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.
1995: At a Blood, Sweat, and Tears concert in the Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield, lead singer David Clayton-Thomas angers the (very Jewish) crowd by claiming the summer weather was "as hot as the last train car going to Auschwitz."
1996: Promoting his first album of new material in over a dozen years, Donovan is denied entry to the US due to a three-decades-old marijuana possession conviction.


1963: The Beatles, Introducing The Beatles
1968: The Byrds, Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
1972: The Who, "Join Together"


1937: Hal Kemp, "Got A Date With An Angel"
1968: The Beatles: "Don't Pass Me By," "Good Night"
1969: The Beatles: "Come Together," "Oh! Darling"


1974: John Denver's "Annie's Song" hits #1


1969: Elvis Presley's NBC-TV Special soundtrack (a/k/a "The '68 Comeback Special") is certified gold
1971: The Doors' L.A. Woman is certified gold
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