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Today in Oldies Music History: June 14



Today In Oldies Music History: June 14



1909: Burl Ives
1910: Nappy Lamare
1936: Obie Benson (The Four Tops)
1941: Jr. Walker (Jr. Walker and the All-Stars)
1945: Rod Argent (The Zombies, Argent)
1949: Alan White (Yes)
1952: Jim Lea (Slade)


1969: Wynonie Harris
1994: Henry Mancini
1995: Rory Gallagher


1953: Elvis Presley graduates from Humes High School in Memphis, TN.
1957: Ava Gardner divorces Frank Sinatra.
1961: After a performance at the Majestic Theatre in Newcastle, England, Gene Vincent is mobbed by admirers who accidentally push him down a flight of stairs, where he is knocked out.
1961: Patsy Cline is involved in an infamous head-on collision on Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville, TN; she is thrown into the windshield by the impact and sustains major head, wrist, and hip injuries. She will be hospitalized for a month, during which time she will become a convert to Christianity.
1961: Elvis Presley's 7th movie, Wild In The Country, premieres in his hometown of Memphis.
1964: Workers at a London railway station open a tea chest addressed to the Beatles and find 12-year-old Carol Dryden, a fan who'd decided to mail herself to the group.
1965: The Beatles record the b-side to the single Help!, a raucous Little Richard-style number called "I'm Down." During the sessions, Paul keeps repeating "plastic soul, man," a reference to a black musician's phrase denigrating Mick Jagger's brand of R&B. The phrase would eventually mutate into the title of their next album, Rubber Soul.
1968: Rod Stewart becomes a star in the US after the Jeff Beck Group, for which he sings lead, opens at New York's Fillmore East. The 23-year-old Stewart is still so new to the stage that he hides behind a stack of speakers during the first song.
1969: In London's Hyde Park, Mick Taylor attends his first photo shoot as a new member of the Rolling Stones.
1970: Derek and the Dominoes step on the stage for the first time under that name as they play the Lyceum in London.
1970: Blood Sweat and Tears become the first Western rock band to perform "behind the iron curtain" in a Soviet country.
1970: Grand Funk Railroad unveil their famous "Closer To Home" billboard in New York, which costs $100,000 and takes a full city block to promote their new single of the same name.
1971: Frank Sinatra announces his retirement from show business, only to return a year and a half later with the legendary comeback album Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back.
1972: Yet another unruly crowd at a Rolling Stones concert, with cops dispensing tear gas into the audience at today's gig in Tucson, AZ.
1972: Actor Warren Beatty organizes his fifth benefit concert for doomed US Presidential candidate George McGovern at Madison Square Garden, featuring, among others, Simon & Garfunkel and Peter Paul & Mary.
1979: Little Feat announce their breakup.
1988: Chuck Berry is sued for five million dollars by a woman who claimed he punched her in the mouth during an argument.
1993: Pepsi's famous "You got the right one, baby!" ads featuring Ray Charles are pulled after medical waste begins showing up in some cans of the product.
1996: George Martin, Beatles producer, is made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II.
2002: Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II; one year later to the day, Gerry and the Pacemakers' Gerry Marsden is awarded the MBE.
2006: Rufus Wainwright, son of folksinger Loudon, recreates the whole of Judy Garland's legendary 1961 Carnegie Hall concert at the famous institution in order to mark the show's 35th anniversary.


1965: The Beatles, Beatles VI
1965: Sonny and Cher, "I Got You Babe"
1975: Janis Ian, "At Seventeen"


1958: Fats Domino, "I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday"
1965: The Beatles: "I've Just Seen A Face," "I'm Down," "Yesterday"
1966: The Beatles, "Here, There And Everywhere,"
1967: The Beatles, "All You Need Is Love"
1967: The Monkees, "Daydream Believer"
1975: Bob Dylan: "Rita Mae," "Joey"


1975: America's "Sister Golden Hair" hits #1


1976: The Beatles' Rock 'N' Roll Music is certified gold
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