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Today in Oldies Music History: March 27


Today In Oldies Music History: March 27



1914: Snooky Lanson
1924: Sarah Vaughan
1947: Tom Sullivan
1947: Andrew Brown (The Herd)
1950: Tony Banks (Genesis)
1953: Wally Stocker (The Babys)




1955: Frustrated over Ike Turner's inability to find a label to record the follow up to his hit, Jackie Brenston's "Rocket 88," Sam Phillips decides to form his own independent label in Memphis, known as Sun Records. Within a matter of days, Sun will release its first single, Johnny London's "Drivin' Slow" b/w "Flat Tire" (Sun 175).
1958: CBS Records announces its sound lab's latest invention, stereophonic sound, which when played on a compatible phonograph will send sound through two channels instead of one.
1960: Representative Emanuel Celler (D-NY) introduces two bills designed to halt the practice of "payola" -- that is, DJs receiving cash or gifts to promote certain records. Celler, echoing the sentiments of his era, declares that "the cacophonous music called Rock and Roll" could not possibly have risen up the charts without the practice of payola.
1965: P.J. Proby splits his tight pants while onstage in Hereford, England, a standard occurrence that on this occasion results in his concert being canceled.
1966: Roy Orbison takes a curve too tightly while out motorcycling in Hawkstone Park in Birmingham, England, fracturing his foot and resulting in the Big O playing his next few English dates in crutches on a stool.
1967: Fats Domino plays his first UK gig at London's Saville Theatre, on a ticket that includes the Bee Gees and Gerry & the Pacemakers.
1972: Grand Funk Railroad fires producer/manager Terry Knight for alleged nonpayment of royalties.
1973: Rolling Stone reports that Carlos Santana has become a devotee of Sri Chimnoy, and has therefore changed his name to "Devadip," which means "the lamp of the light of the Supreme."
1973: A routine speeding ticket in New Jersey becomes a headache for Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia when police search his car and find a significant quantity of LSD. He is released on two thousand dollars bail.
1978: All You Need Is Cash, a Beatles parody film developed from a skit by Eric Idle on BBC2's Rutland Weekend Television, introduces The Rutles to the world when it is shown for the first time on the BBC.
1979: Eric Clapton finally gets his "Layla" when he marries Pattie Boyd, ex-wife of best friend George Harrison. Harrison attends the wedding in Tucson, AZ, as do fellow Beatles Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. Eric and Pattie would divorce in 1988.
1979: Bruce Springsteen's first video -- a live version of "Rosalita" -- makes its world debut on the BBC.
1982: Ronnie Lane, former bassist for the (Small) Faces, is taken to the hospital for treatment of his multiple sclerosis. Lane would succumb to the wasting muscle disorder in 1997.
2003: The Rolling Stones postpone a planned series of concerts in Hong Kong after the deadly SARS flu epidemic breaks out there; ironically, the Stones would later perform a benefit there to show the city was safe to visit.
2003: The city of Liverpool finally opens John Lennon's "Mendips" boyhood home, located at 251 Menlove Avenue, to the public.
2006: Victor Willis, the "policeman" in the Village People, is arrested in San Francisco for failing to appear at his trial for cocaine and gun possession. After agreeing to enter rehab, his sentence is reduced to three years probation.
2007: Jefferson Airplane/Starship vocalist Grace Slick sues former bandmate Paul Kantner for touring with different musicians under the name "Paul Kantner's Starship."




1945: Ella Fitzgerald, "(It's Only A) Paper Moon"
1951: Frank Sinatra, "I'm a Fool To Want You"
1967: The Young Rascals, "Groovin'"
1972: Elvis Presley: "Separate Ways," "For The Good Times," "Where Do I Go From Here?"


1961: Del Shannon's "Runaway" enters the charts
1965: The Who's "I Can't Explain" enters the charts
1965: The Supremes' "Stop! In The Name of Love" hits #1
1971: Three Dog Night's "Joy To The World" enters the charts


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