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What are the conspiracy theories surrounding John Lennon's murder?


Question: What are the conspiracy theories surrounding John Lennon's murder?
Answer: Many theories surround John's murder, as will always surround the untimely death of a controversial figure. The most popular theory is that John, who was tracked by the FBI in the early Seventies and who the US tried to deport due to his anti-Vietnam war stance, was killed by remote control. This is known as the "Manchurian Candidate" theory, after the famous 1962 film in which a war hero is programmed to assassinate a presidential candidate. This theory contends that John's murderer was programmed by government agents, perhaps using the novel Catcher In The Rye as a signal to trigger previously-implanted orders to kill the ex-Beatle. A good summary of this theory can be found at the website of Mae Brussel. Some well-known people have suspicions that the US government is responsible for John's death, including his son Sean.

Other theories involve John's wife Yoko Ono, never well-liked by most Beatles fans; they point to her alleged romantic entanglement with an associate not long after his death. Other theories involve Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, The Masons, and even author Stephen King! (This last seems to be based at least partially on the idea that King vaguely resembles the killer in one photograph.) It is the opinion of this Guide that none of these above theories have substantial evidence to support them.

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