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What was John Lennon's last song?


Question: What was John Lennon's last song?
Answer: The last song of his own that John ever recorded was "I Don't Wanna Face It," recorded on September 2nd but never fully finished by John; it appears on the CD Milk and Honey. The last song Lennon played on was probably Yoko's "Walking On Thin Ice," which appears on her album Season Of Glass; he was working on it at the time of his death. The last recordings he ever made at home, however, were four new songs recorded as demos at his Dakota residence on November 14th. Two, "Pop Is The Name Of The Game" and "You Saved My Soul," have never been officially released. The other two, "Dear John" and "Serve Yourself," were released on 1998's Lennon Anthology. The lyrics of "Dear John" consist mainly of this verse:

Dear John,
don't be hard on yourself.
Give yourself a break.
Life wasn't meant to be run.
The race is over, you've won.

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