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What tribute songs were written for John Lennon?


Question: What tribute songs were written for John Lennon?
Answer: Here is a partial list:

Queen, "Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)"
The Cranberries, "I Just Shot John Lennon"
Paul McCartney, "Here Today"
George Harrison, "All Those Years Ago"
Elton John, "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)"
The Kinks, "Killer's Eyes"
Joan Baez, "Sgt. Pepper's Band"

Of these, the Queen song is the most like Lennon, in the mold of his ballad style on "Plastic Ono Band." George's song, which had started life as another song entirely, was considered too jaunty by many, but it was an affectionate look back. The Kinks and Cranberries songs, as you might imagine, are more about the murderer himself. Paul's and Elton's ring with the loss they must have felt, both remained friends with John to the end. (When asked how he felt about the murder, Paul flippantly replied, "It's a drag," which led many to think, erroneously, that he was not in mourning.)

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