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New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013 Guide

A Jazz Fest guide for oldies music fans


New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013 Guide

The official New Orleans Jazz Fest logo

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is an embarrassment of riches for music lovers, touching not just upon jazz music, but also lots of R&B, blues, rock, gospel, world music, hip-hop, and cajun/zydeco. So how can an oldies fan best spend his time at the 2013 Jazz Fest? Here's a handy day-by-day guide from yours truly, who's been going since he was a child.

Week One

Jazz Fest 2013: Friday, April 26

11:20 am: Henry Gray and the Cats
Blues Tent
Howlin' Wolf's main pianist and a feature on those classic Excello sides of the Sixties.

12:40 pm: The New Orleans R&B Diva Revue feat. The Dixie Cups, Jean Knight, and Wanda Rouzan w/the Brian Quezergue Band
Acura Stage
The gals behind "Iko Iko" and "Mr. Big Stuff," along with the city's leading trad-jazz diva.

2:05 pm: George Porter, Jr. & Runnin' Pardners
Congo Square Stage
Horn-driven funk from the legendary Meters bassist.

3:50 pm: Dr. John and the Nite Trippers
Acura Stage
Fresh off his triumphant comeback with Locked Down, the good Doctor proves why he's one of the city's leading R&B exponents.

5:30 pm: George Benson
Congo Square
The legendary jazz and R&B guitarist behind "Breezin'," "Give Me The Night," and the classic '70s remake of "On Broadway."

Jazz Fest 2013: Saturday, April 27

11:25 Am: Alex McMurray
Gentilly Stage
The "Tom Waits of the Ninth Ward" is one of the city's great modern songwriters.

12:20 pm: Herbert Hardesty & the Dukes
Blues Tent
Herb was Fats Domino's saxophone man for most of his career. A true New Orleans master!

1:30 pm: Lil Buck Sinegal’s Blues Band
Blues Tent
Buck is a South Louisiana legend for his guitar work on the Excello label.

2:45 pm: Deacon John
Blues Tent
He played guitar on many famous New Orleans R&B hits of the '60s, and now John's single-handedly keeping jump blues alive in the city.

3:30 pm: Allen Toussaint
Acura Stage
The mastermind behind New Orleans Soul of the late Fifties and early Sixties, and also quite a bit of legendary funk.

5:15 pm: Billy Joel
Acura Stage
The "Piano Man" returns to bang out his impressive array of huge '70s and '80s pop hits.

Jazz Fest 2013: Sunday, April 28

11:20 am: The Blues Masters feat. "Big Al" Carson
Blues Tent
The hilarious and booming King Kong of Bourbon Street Blues.

12:15 pm: Clive Wilson’s New Orleans Serenaders with guest Butch Thompson
People's Health Economy Hall Tent
These cats played with the legends of traditional NOLA jazz while they were still alive, so they know how to keep the legacy alive.

1:40 pm: Little Freddie King Blues Band
Blues Tent
Hypnotic blues grooves and frightening tales from a very weird life.

2:55 pm: Luther Kent & Trickbag
Blues Tent
The local R&B band of the Seventies, featuring a singer who once fronted Blood, Sweat and Tears (!).

4:15 pm: Honey Island Swamp Band
Sheraton New Orleans Fais Do-Do Stage
Perhaps the best roots-rockers in the city, pioneers of what they call "Bayou Americana."

5:30 pm: Earth, Wind & Fire
Congo Square Stage
The core group's still here, the ones who helped invent modern R&B and inject spirituality into the funk.

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