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Oldies Music Concerts 2011

The largest list of oldies music concerts and cruises on the web


This is intended to be a database for oldies artists and their 2011 concerts around the world, listed in alphabetical order. Individual artists are listed by their last name, regardless of whether or not it's a stage name; band offshoots are listed where the original band would be. When a band is fronted by a name, the listing is under the band name only (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is always under F).

Please do not contact me if you have corrections to an artist's tour dates; please e-mail the artist. If, however, there's an artist not listed here that you feel should be, or if you have info on a show with multiple oldies artists, feel free and e-mail me!

NOTE: Several of the groups touring today do not contain their original members. Buyer beware! "Truth In Music" laws are being passed in several states to deal with this problem.

Oldies Concerts 2011 listed alphabetically by Artist:

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