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Who are Jerry Lee Lewis' famous relatives?


Question: Who are Jerry Lee Lewis' famous relatives?
Answer: Jerry Lee Lewis grew up in a very conservative, religious, tight-knit family in Ferriday, LA. Indeed, two of his cousins were like brothers to him -- Mickey Gilley, who would later become famous as a country superstar and the owner of Gilley's nightclub in Pasadena, TX, and Jimmy (Lee) Swaggart, who would become famous as a televangelist (and infamous due to a sex scandal in the late Eighties). All three learned to play together on the family's Stark piano, and Gilley himself entered into the business after Jerry Lee's success with the single "Crazy Arms." Of the three, however, it is Swaggart, not Lewis or Gilley, whom the family has always considered the most talented. All three have sold millions of albums between them, Swaggart's being primarily religious music. Gilley is perhaps best known to pop fans for his 1980 hit cover of "Stand By Me." (Sister Linda Gail Lewis, also a piano player, has recorded with artists such as Van Morrison.)

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