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Another Girl

The history of this classic Beatles song


The original US sheet music for

The original US sheet music for "Another Girl"

source: rarebeatles.com

Another Girl

Written by: Paul McCartney (100%)
(credited as Lennon-McCartney)
Recorded: February 15 and 16, 1965 (Studio 2, Abbey Road Studios, London, England)
Mixed: February 18 and 23, 1965
Length: 2:04
Takes: 1
John Lennon: harmony vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar (1964 Gibson J-160E)
Paul McCartney: lead vocal (double-tracked), lead guitar (1962 Epiphone Casino), bass guitar (1961 Hofner 500/1)
George Harrison: harmony vocal, rhythm guitar (1962 Gibson J-160E)
Ringo Starr: drums (Ludwig)
Available on: (CDs in bold)
Help!, (UK: Parlophone PMC 1255; PCS 3071; Parlophone CDP 7 46439 2)
Help!, (US: Capitol (S)MAS 2386)


  • Written by Paul between February 4 and 14, 1965, while on vacation in the Tunisian island of Hammamet, specifically in the bathroom of the English consulate's villa, where the acoustics were best (and where Paul, as he relates in the book Many Years From Now by Barry Miles, was often interrupted by potentates who were guests at the resort). It's thought to be yet another document of McCartney's deteriorating relationship with longtime girlfriend Jane Asher.
  • This was the second track recorded during the Help! sessions, done on February 15, just after "Ticket To Ride" and just before "I Need You."
  • Paul, who had just laid down his first Beatle guitar solo on "Ticket To Ride," plays the solo on this song as well. George recorded ten takes using the new tone pedal that would be put to use on "I Need You" immediately afterward, but none were satisfactory, so Paul laid a solo down the next day, before work began on "Yes It Is." This accounts for both the similarities between the solos on this song and "Ticket To Ride" and also for the odd way the solo trails off at the end of "Another Girl."
  • The scene from Help! which features this song was shot on a beach -- specifically, Balmoral Island in the Bahamas. While shooting the video, John pretended to play drums, George to play bass, and Paul to play a bikini-clad girl, leading to one priceless expression from Paul when he accidentally touches her breast. Look for it!
Covered by: The Kingsmen, Ray Hamilton, R. Stevie Moore
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