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The Top 40 Christmas Oldies Songs -- #28

A countdown and history of the oldies era's greatest holiday tunes


"Merry Xmas Everybody!!," Slade

source: ebay.com

28. "Merry Xmas Everybody!!," Slade

Polydor 2058 422 b/w "Don't Blame Me"
Highest chart position: #1 UK (1973)
Recorded July 1973, New York, NY

In the UK, as some of you know, having the Number One song on Christmas is a financial windfall and a prestigious honor indeed. Most folks don't know, however, that the annual sales contest was kicked off in 1973, when rival glam warriors Slade and Wizzard decided to have it out with competing holiday singles. Not only did Slade (best known stateside for the original version of Quiet Riot's "Cum On Feel The Noize") win this particular battle, the modern beerhall chant in question has become a holiday standard on the order of "White Christmas," at least in old Blighty. Ironic, then, that the song was actually recorded in the middle of the summer, in New York City (and featuring John Lennon's harmonium)!

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