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The Top 40 Christmas Oldies Songs -- #38

A countdown and history of the oldies era's greatest holiday tunes


"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" The Orioles

source: ebay.com

38. "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" The Orioles

Jubilee 5017 b/w "(It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas"
Highest chart position: #9 Pop (1949)
Recorded September 25, 1949, Baltimore, Maryland

Maybe it is much too early in the game, as the song says, to call this a Christmas number, especially when there are already so few songs dedicated to the last day of the year. But the two holidays were already inextricably linked when Sonny Til and company cut this prime slice of vocal group heaven back in the late forties. Even if you aren't aware just how historically important the Orioles were in bridging the gap between the Ink Spots and the Drifters, say, anyone can still appreciate the need to start angling for your New Year's date at the Christmas celebration. And who could refuse such a smooth offer?

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