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New Orleans Jazz Fest 2014 Guide: Week One

Friday April 18, 2014

The "Jazz Fest" -- as the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is known to participants -- does indeed celebrate the music the Crescent City birthed. However, it also provides plenty of evidence for its contributions to rock and roll, R&B, blues, funk, swamp pop, hip-hop, and more, and there are always lots of non-jazz headliners. Want to see the fest from an oldies fan's point of view, arranged so that you don't miss a note? Check out this handy day-by-day, minute-by-minute guide to the first week of the 2014 Jazz Fest, designed to give you the best possible oldies experience.

The Beatles Songs: "Taxman"

Monday April 14, 2014

Because it's that time of year again... "Taxman" was not only a rare political statement by the Beatles, it also brought George's songwriting front and center, once and for all. But all is not it appears to be; from the intro to the famous solo, the Fab Four were starting to play some sonic tricks on their audience. Read a detailed breakdown of "Taxman" in my Beatles fact sheet.

The 10 Greatest Oldies About Money

Saturday April 12, 2014
walterwhitemoneyAt tax time, more than ever, money and the lack thereof is on everyone's mind -- but oldies music wrestled with the mercurial nature of the beast for decades, pondering just how much it makes the world (and love itself) go 'round. Check out my list of great money-obsessed songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s here.

The 10 Greatest R&B Hits of 1958

Wednesday April 9, 2014


1958 was arguably the high water mark for both '50s R&B and the first wave of rock and roll, the moment where rhythm and blues was able to have its pop crossover success without becoming diluted -- but it was also the year that served as a dividing line between R&B's past (blues and swing, mostly) and its future (dances, girl groups, and the onslaught of soul). Read all about the greatest rhythm and blues hits of 1958 right here.

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