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Robert Fontenot

Robert Fontenot

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Robert Fontenot, Jr. is an entertainment critic and journalist who has been published nationally for over a quarter century, and has written about oldies music for most of that time.


Robert's writing career began in earnest at Rock and Rap Confidential, headed by former Rolling Stone Chief Editor Dave Marsh. He writes for the country's premiere roots music magazine, Offbeat, which covers reissues from the golden age of rock and roll, along with new releases influenced by R&B and classic rock and roll. In addition, he's written for online and print publications such as AOL and Blues Revue. Recently he was honored to compose the liner notes for Irma Thomas' Grammy-winning After The Rain album. He is also an original board member of the Southern Music Hall of Fame. His original About.com Beatles site was a fixture on the internet from 1997-2001. This oldies site has been featured on several oldies radio stations across the country and also in USA Today.


Robert holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of New Orleans.

By Robert Fontenot:

This site will continue to be about your favorite golden hits from the '50s, '60s, and '70s, as well as the legendary artists who made them. I also aim to show the relevance these classics have to the world we live in today -- the ways in which they serve as the soundtrack to our daily lives and the way in which they continue to be a fountain of inspiration for new musicians. Your polite feedback is always welcome -- as I once stated on my About.com Beatles site, our common goal is a better internet experience. Enjoy!

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