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50s Music

Everything you'd want to know about 50s music and artists, featuring info on Fifties singers, songs, and more, before and after the rock and roll revolution. From Oldies at About.com.
  1. 50s Music (20)
  2. 50s Pop (12)
  3. 50s R&B (44)
  4. Country and Western (7)
  5. Doo Wop (26)
  6. Easy Listening (5)
  7. Lounge Music And Exotica (2)
  8. Rock and Roll Pioneers (33)
  9. Rockabilly (31)
  10. Teen Idols (12)
  11. Top 10 Oldies 1955-1959 (5)

The Top Ten Oldies of 1955
The best oldies of 1955 - the smash hits, the important singles, and the historical artifacts of the year. Complete with music reviews, information, trivia, sound samples, and more.

What Is Swamp Pop Music?
A basic guide to Swamp Pop music, its best and most popular artists, singers, and songs, and a history of how the style fits into other areas of popular music. From the Oldies music guide at About.com.

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