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60s Music

Interested in the music of the 60s? Check out this list of the famous artists who made the classic oldies of the decade, as well as Sixties music articles, all part of Oldies at About.com!
  1. 60s Pop (13)
  2. 60s Soul music (59)
  3. Blue-eyed Soul (6)
  4. British Invasion (13)
  5. Carolina Beach and Shag music (15)
  6. Dance Craze music (16)
  7. Folk-rock (6)
  8. Girl Groups (23)
  9. Motown (13)
  10. Other 60s Music (18)
  11. Sunshine Pop (9)
  12. Surf and Hot Rod Music (21)
  13. Top 10 Oldies 1960-1969 (10)

The 10 Best Rock Instrumentals of the 60s
The best rock instrumentals of the Sixties, including soul smashes, surf classics, novelties, and more! A tribute to the best music without words of rock's first golden age. From your Oldies Guide at About.com.

The story of The Standells' "Dirty Water"

Gerry Goffin: The Man Who Made Teen Romance Grow Up
When rock and roll was still in its infancy, dominated by the dynamic of puppy love, Gerry Goffin was the lyricist who helped bring teen romance into the modern era, penning lyrics to "Brill Building" hits that dealt with issues of dominance, gender roles, materialism, and sexual power. He helped create the girl-group genre almost overnight, and along with his main musical conspirator Carole King, the two wrote so many influential hits that the Beatles wanted to be them behind the pen. Read all about the legacy of the late Gerry Goffin -- and hear his contributions to music -- in this appreciation.

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