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Dance Craze music

Everything from the Twist to the Pony! The history of the early 60s dance craze and the hit novelty songs that caused it -- and info on the dances themselves!
  1. Dance Crazes FAQ (10)

What is Dance Craze music?
A basic guide to "Dance Craze" music, its best and most popular artists, bands, singers, and songs, and a history of how the style fits into other areas of pop and rock music. From the Oldies music guide at About.com.

Chubby Checker
The king of the dance crazes that set the world on fire in the early Sixties with "The Twist," "Let's Twist Again," and "Dear Lady Twist" before going on to school us about the Limbo, the Pony, the Fly, and more.

Gary "U.S." Bonds
The early-Sixties king of "party rock" who carved his own unique niche in rock history with classic sides like "New Orleans," "Quarter To Three," and "School Is Out."

The story of "Monster Mash"
The story of "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Cryptkickers: the ultimate in Halloween oldies music and a top 40 smash in more than one year! A guide to "Monster Mash" from your Oldies Guide at About.com.

Gary U.S. Bonds: Back in 20
Your oldies.about.com Guide's review: Gary "U.S." Bonds' first new studio album of material in twenty years!

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