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What songs are typically used for certain dances?


Question: What songs are typically used for certain dances?
Answer: Any dancer worth his salt knows how to dance the Twist and the Mashed Potato to the records of the same name, but there were several hit rock records that worked well for certain fad dances. Here's a list of the songs most often associated with the great Sixties dance crazes:

The 45: "Do The 45," The Sharpees
The 81: "The 81," Candy and the Kisses
The Alligator: "Shout," The Isley Brothers; "Land Of 1000 Dances," Wilson Pickett
The Continental Walk: "Continental Walk," Hank Ballard and the Midnighters; "Continental With Me Baby," The Vibrations
The Bird: "The Bird's The Word," The Rivingtons
The Birdland: "The Birdland," Chubby Checker; "What'd I Say," Ray Charles
The Boogaloo: "Boogaloo Down Broadway," The Fantastic Johnny C; "Boogaloo," Les McCann
The Boomerang: "The Boomerang," Jr. Walker & The All-stars, Don Covay
The Bounce: "The Bounce," The Olympics
The Bop: "Do The Bop," Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns
The Bristol Stomp: "The Bristol Stomp," The Dovells
The Bug: "The Bug," Jerry Dallman & the Nightcaps
The Camel Walk: "Do The Camel Walk," Magic Sam; "There Was A Time," James Brown
The Cha Cha: "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted," Jimmy Ruffin; "Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha," Sam Cooke; "The One Who Really Loves You," Mary Wells
The Chicken: "The Chicken," Roscoe Gordon
The Cinnamon Cinder: "Cinnamon Cinder (It's A Very Nice Dance)," The Pastel Six
The Continental Walk: Danny & The Juniors, "Do The Continental Walk"; "Continental Walk," Hank Ballard and the Midnighters; "The Continental Walk," The Rollers
The Crawl: "The Crawl," Lonnie Brooks
The Dip: "Dip Baby Dip," The Cymbals; "The Dip," The Whispers
The Dog: "Walking The Dog," "The Dog," "Can Your Monkey Do The Dog," Rufus Thomas; "Do The Dog," Junior and the Classics
The Duck: "Shotgun," Jr. Walker and the All-stars; "The Duck," Jackie Lee; "The Duck," Cookie and his Cupcakes
The Freddie: "Do The Freddie," Freddie and the Dreamers
The Freeze: "The Freeze," Tony and Joe
The Frug: "Nobody But Me," The Human Beinz
The Funky Broadway: "Funky Broadway," Wilson Pickett
The Funky Chicken: "Do The Funky Chicken," Rufus Thomas
The Funky Penguin: "Do The Funky Penguin," Rufus Thomas
The Grind: "The Grind," Gregory Dee and the Avantis
The Grunt: "The Grunt," The JBs
The Hand Jive: "The Hand Jive," The Johnny Otis Show; "Bo Diddley," Bo Diddley; "Hey Little Girl," Dee Clark
The Harlem Shuffle: "The Harlem Shuffle," Bob and Earl
The Hippy Hippy Shake: "The Hippy Hippy Shake," Chad Romero, The Swinging Blue Jeans
The Hitchhike: "Hitchhike," Marvin Gaye; "Hitch Hike (Part 1)," Russell Burns
The Horse: "The Horse," Cliff Nobles & Co.
The Hully Gully: "(Baby) Hully Gully," The Olympics; "Hully Gully Baby," The Vibrations
The Jerk: "Cool Jerk," The Capitols; "The Jerk," The Larks; "Nowhere To Run," Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
The Limbo: "Limbo Rock," "Let's Limbo Some More," Chubby Checker; "Tequila," The Champs
The Locomotion: "The Loco-Motion," Little Eva
The Madison: "Madison Time," Ray Bryant Combo; "The Madison," Al Brown's Tunetoppers
The Mashed Potato: "(Do the) Mashed Potatoes," "Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.," "Mashed Potatoes '66" (1962), James Brown; "Mashed Potato," "Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)," Dee Dee Sharp; "Monster Mash," Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
The Monkey: "The Monkey Time," Major Lance; "Mickey's Monkey," The Miracles
The Philly Dog: "Baby, Do The Philly Dog," The Olympics; "Function At The Junction," Shorty Long; "Philly Dog," The Mar-Keys
The Pony: "Tossin' and Turnin'," Bobby Lewis; "Pony Time," Chubby Checker, Don Covay and the Goodtimers; "Ride Your Pony," Lee Dorsey; "Let's Pony Again," The Vibrations
The Popeye: "Something You Got," Chris Kenner; "Pop-Eye," Huey Smith and the Clowns; "Check Mr. Popeye," Eddie Bo, "Popeye Joe," Ernie K-Doe; "Last Night," The Mar-Keys; "Pop-Pop-Pop-Pie," The Sherrys
The Popcorn: "Mother Popcorn," "Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn, Pts. 1 & 2," James Brown
The Roach: "The Roach," Gene and Wendell with the Sweethearts
Shake A Tail Feather: "Shake A Tail Feather," James and Bobby Purify
The Shake: "Cool Shake," The Del-Vikings; "(Make With) The Shake," The Mark IV
The Shimmy: "Shimmy Like Kate," The Olympics; "Shout And Shimmy," James Brown; "Shimmy Shimmy," The Orlons; "Let's Shimmy," King Coleman
The Shingaling: "Mumble Shing-A-Lingy," The Emperors, "Shing-A-Ling USA," Lee Williams & the Cymbals; "The Funky Shingaling," Milton Howard, "Shing A Ling," Desmond Dekker and the Aces
The Skate: "Bernadette," The Four Tops; "Skate Now," Lou Courtney The Slauson: "Hitchhike," Marvin Gaye
The Slide: "The Slide," Gregory Dee and the Avantis
The Stomp: "Foot Stomping," The Flares; "Bristol Stomp," The Dovells; "The Stomp," The Olympics; "Let's Stomp," Bobby Comstock
The Stroll: "The Stroll," The Diamonds; "C.C Rider," Chuck Willis
The Swim: "C'mon and Swim," Bobby Freeman; "The Swim," Robert Ward
The Twine: "Twine Time," Alvin Cash; "Woodbine Twine," The Five DuTones
The Twist: "The Twist," "Let's Twist Again," Chubby Checker; "Slow Twistin'," Dee Dee Sharp & Chubby Checker; "Dear Lady Twist," Gary US Bonds; "Peppermint Twist," Joey Dee and the Starliters; "Twist And Shout," The Isley Brothers, The Beatles; "Twistin' The Night Away," Sam Cooke; "Soul Twist," King Curtis
The Walk: "The Walk," Jimmy McCracklin
The Watusi: "Wah-Watusi," The Orlons; "The Watusi," The Vibrations; "El Watusi," Ray Barretto; "The Watusi," Richard Berry
The Wobble: "The Wobble," Curtis Lee

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