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Doo Wop Groups

The sounds of the rhythmic vocal groups that defined an era.

Articles & Resources

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Danny and the Juniors
These "At The Hop" legends prove that "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay" with this shocking pink page. Not much here now except a biography, however.

DooWop Nation
Thirty e-zine newsletters are archived here, each exploring a handful of doowop classics in great detail.

DooWop Showplace
A special MSN discussion group for doo-wop fans UNDER 30 only!

Earl Lewis and the Channels
These East Coast kings of doo wop are best known for "The Closer You Are." They still perform today!

Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers
Their stay at the top was brief and their subsequent demise tragic, but these doo-wop legends set the course for all boy bands to follow.

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Articles & Resources

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Gino's Place
Reviews, discographies, charts, articles and more about the classic vocal groups of the Fifties and Sixties. Very extensive. For true doo-wop fiends only!

HistoryOfRock.com: The Vocal Groups
Short but useful bios on The Mills Brothers, The Ink Spots, The Ravens, The Orioles, The Dominoes, and The Clovers.

Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners
This teen vocal group, most famous for "Since I Don't Have You," still performs today! This official website has a good bio and some tour dates.

Little Anthony and the Imperials
These smooth crooners defined slick Sixties pop-soul with anthems like "Hurt So Bad" and "I Think I'm Going Out of My Head." This official site is as elegant as the group itself, and contains full bios and more. Unlike many oldies groups touring today, this lineup contains most of the original members.

Richard Nader: Doo Wop
Ever seen the doo-wop revival shows seen PBS? Nader takes these acts around the country on tour. Find out when these legends will be near you!

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: The Drifters
A great bio of the influential doo-dop group that helped transform the genre into soul music.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: The Moonglows
The group that first bridged smooth pop vocal group sounds and hard R&B streetcorner harmony, and eventually helped birth Motown!

Terry Johnson's Flamingos
Although best known for their standard "I Only Have Eyes For You," these doo-wop legends enjoyed a number of other hits in their day. This official site tells their story in much detail, with photos.

The Brooklyn Reunion
Legendary vocal groups The Mystics, The Classics, and the Passions reunite in one great show, performing separately and together. A must for doo-wop fans!

The Clovers
One of the first vocal groups to incorporate the blues, and therefore a milestone in the development of doo-wop. This excellent history comes to us from Lucille's Rockin' Radio.

The Coasters
The clown princes of doo-wop are favored with an excellent, informative fan site that includes an exhaustive chronology and discography accurate right down to the alternate takes of each song!

The Diamonds
The doo-wop group who scored their biggest hit with "Little Darlin'" has a nice official site here, with some unusual items like full album cover scans and lots of early promo shots.

The DooWop Net
CD reviews, doo-wop discographies, and a vocal group jukebox. The best place on the net for doo-wop reviews. Join the mailing list!

The Hits And The Great Groups
This catchall page gives a discography and brief history for nearly forgotten doo-wop giants like The Cadillacs, The Dominoes, The Five Royales, and many more. From the semi-official The Coasters Web Site.

The Marcels
This group was most famous for wonderfully subverting classic pop ballads into primitive doo-wop forms. This is the official site.

The Mystics
Best known for their hit "Hushabye," this official site reveals just how close these classic doo-woppers came to getting more hits.

The Platters Information Site
The Platters were more of a stylish vocal group than streetcorner doo-wop performers, but they did figure prominently in rock history. This fan site helps distinguish between the many groups who tour today under the name.

The Tokens
The vocal group behind "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Still going strong, decades later!

The Top 100 Doo-Wop Songs of All Time
You can't beat this, doo-wop fiends - one hundred classic vocal hits presented in RealAudio format! From Rose-Mar International.

The Top 100 DooWop Records Of All Time
One fan's list... contains hits and (mostly) rarities, along with excellent descriptions. A great place for newbies to start!

The Vocal Group Harmony Web Site
A true labor of love: artist bios, radio shows, CD offers, video and audio clips, and much much more about the classic vocal groups of the 30s, 40s, and 50s!

United in Group Harmony Association
The non-profit UGHA is dedicated to the preservation of vocal harmony groups, particularly the classic doo-wop of the postwar era.

Yahoo! Groups: Doo Wop
At last count, there were no less than 56 Doo Wop discussion groups available through Yahoo! You can get to them all through this page!

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