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Oldies Music Lyrics, Chords, and Tabs

Searching for lyrics, chords, and tabs for a song from the 50s, 60s, or 70s? These sites can bring you right to words and sheet music for your favorite golden oldies! Courtesy of your guide at About.com.

BlackCat Rockin' Lyrix Index
Need lyrics to your favorite rockabilly classics? This Dutch page has them all, including recent rockabilly releases.

Lyrics Robot
A search engine that combs the net for lyrics and lyrics alone - find your favorite oldies lyrics here.

Lyrics World
By far the best collection of oldies lyrics on the net, arranged by artist, title, and year, and stretching back in 1930 (!). Absolutely amazing. Go here first.

Sing Those Songs
A downloadable e-book filled with chords, tabs, and lyrics for lots of oldies. Focuses mainly on Sixties songs. Download the entire file in pieces or all at once.

Tab Robot
Search for guitar tabs and chords for a full half-million songs from all eras! This search engine makes it easy to find oldies chords and tabs.

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