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Oldies Sound Files, MP3s, MP4s, and Ringtones

Sound files and musical clips of all your favorite oldies, including mp3s, midi files, and wav files!

Advanced Ringtones: Oldies
Although there are a lot of Eighties "oldies" here, this is still the best place to find oldies ringtones for your cell phone. Search by artist!

Backseat Memories
Full-length wav files and lyrics for dozens and dozens of (mostly) love songs that date (mostly) from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Alphabetically arranged by song title; more indexes at the bottom.

Brian's DooWop Fixxx
Dozens and dozens and dozens of rare doo-wop essentials, in streaming RealAudio. Also features pop doo-wop rarities, seasonal favorites, female doo-wop classics, videos, and more! The best place to hear obscure vocal harmony groups on the net.

Dan and Dona: Classic Country Index
18 pages of classic country hits from the 50s and 60s, all in wav format. Includes three pages on Marty Robbins alone!

Digger's 60s British Pop Midi Juke Box
Dozens of great Britpop MIDIs from the heady days of the Sixties - crossover hits and big British smashes both! From Sixties British Pop Culture.

Free MIDI Page
There are a couple of dozen rock oldies MIDIs here, listed alphabetically by song, but this page's real atraction is the selection of country oldies MIDIs.

Gary W0001's Official MIDI Homepage: Big Bands
One of the most comprehensive collections of big band MIDIs on the net. Listed alphabetically by song title.

Grumpy's Golden Oldies
Actual Oldies mp3s on this site - 20 a week, available for download! No requests taken, but there are a number of hits and rarities here.

Harry S. Anchan's Memory-Making 50's to 80's Music Machine!
Spotlights truly rare oldies of the 50s and 60s (and later years as well). Nine full pages of audio files, so you can hear for yourself!

Jack's Midi Music: Oldies
Start here and explore approximately 100 excellent oldies midi files, listed alphabetically and with details on each song.

Not actually located at the just-oldies.com address, but nevertheless provides 17 pages of Oldies MIDI. Great selection.

Lucille's Rockin' Radio
Audio files of classic Fifties and Sixties tunes, heavy on the R&B. Mostly obscurities but some hits.

Margie's List Of Classic Songs
About 40 golden oldies from the 50s-70s, in wav and RealAudio format.

Marv's Oldies Online
An amazing virtual jukebox: a large selection of RealAudio clips ripped straight from vintage and rare rock and roll, rockabilly, and doo wop 45 vinyl singles!

Marybeth's Memorable Melodies
A very large selection of oldies songs (some rare) in Real Audio format, but you'll need a paid membership to hear them.

Patchy's Lost In The 50s Oldies Jukeboxes
Six "jukeboxes" of oldies music that play random selections in RealAudio format. Lots of 50s, lots of doowop.

Searock Music Wavs
There are a lot of classic-rock .wav files here, but buried among them are loads of British Invasion and psychedelic nuggets. Listed alphabetically by band... a treasure trove!

The BBHQ Jukebox
200 constantly-rotating oldies available in RealAudio from this historical baby-boomer site. Jingles, TV themes, and novelty tunes, to boot!

The Doo-Wop Jukebox
A nice selection of RealAudio sound files featuring rare, high-quality doo wop classics.

The Hound
This archive of the popular WFMU oldies show features tons of oldies - many extremely rare - in mp3 format.

The Oldies 50s and 60s Crooners Library
An excellent source for .wav files, this page features several big hits from teen idols of the postwar period. There's also a top 30 list of wavs from every year of the Fifties!

Tweedle Dum's Drive-In
Want to share oldies music files with other fans without the hassle? This Yahoo! group aims to let you do just that.

Wanderers Golden Oldies Music in RealAudio
More classic oldies from the 50s and 60s than any other site, all in RealAudio format (streaming and non-streaming). Also a few collectors articles and some oldies history. Online since 1993!

Welcome To Karaoke
Oldies karaoke - MIDI files you can sing along to, with the lyrics on the aame page! There's an oldies section, but also separate sections for Elvis, The Beatles, and the Stones.

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