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What songs are considered the great Northern Soul classics?


Question: What songs are considered the great Northern Soul classics?
Answer: The Top 20 most popular Northern Soul songs, as compiled by Wigan Casino DJ Kev Roberts from fan surveys, are as follows:

1. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Frank Wilson
2. Out on the Floor - Dobie Gray
3. You Didn't Say a Word - Yvonne Baker
4. The Snake - Al Wilson
5. Long After Tonight is Over - Jimmy Radcliffe
6. Seven Day Lover - James Fountain
7. You Don't Love Me - Epitome of Sound
8. Looking for You - Garnet Mimms
9. If That's What You Wanted - Frankie Beverly & the Butlers
10. Seven Days Too Long - Chuck Wood
11. The Right Track - Billy Butler
12. Stick By Me Baby - Salvadors
13. I Really Love You - Tomangoes
14. Time Will Pass You By - Tobi Legend
15. Landslide - Tony Clarke
16. Too Late - Larry Williams & Johnny "Guitar" Watson
17. You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies - Dana Valery
18. Walking Up a One Way Street - Willie Tee
19. If You Ever Walk Out of My Life - Dena Barnes
20. There's a Ghost in My House - R. Dean Taylor

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